Single origin patch - post them up!

Something cool about using only modules from one single designer or manufacturer.

Like a single origin espresso or a single malt scotch. this is not only the coolest looking but also the most unique sounding and yes it’s not going to be balanced all the time.

please post up your favorite single origin vcv rigs and why you like them. what makes that unique. and of course we can see how cool it looks and sounds even if you only have half the modules needed to make a real patch.

if you are missing something try to make it work w just what you have.

happy summertime- twistedneck


I tried that a while ago, a Mutable instruments only rack, it was quite interesting :slight_smile:
(don’t have the .vcv around unfortunately, but you should check the LOOM serie by lightbath on youtube, basically that with hardware)

I’m curious to see what other people will come up with ^^

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I think there was a mutable VCP a while ago and before that there was some kind of Vult based competition

That’s the vcp-24 playlist.