Simpliciter issue - bug or user error?

In its default state, I hit record, play whatever, hit record again to stop and it automatically begins looping and I can hear audio as expected. However, if I turn off the loop, delete the previously recorded audio and record again, I can see the new waveforms, but cannot hear audio (obviously I turned the loop on again). Kinda scratchin’ my head on this one. If I delete that instance of SImpliciter and reload, it works fine again.

What am I missing?

ohhhhhh I’m a dope. Gotta hit the start button for that second attempt. Ha. Slightly misleading as activating the loop moves the playhead through the recording so…

but I get it now!

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DEV defeats USER 1 - 0


This one is probably expected behaviour and I have not read the manual…

If I use the toggle button on the Simpler Tap Ctrl while something is going into the cv input of simpliciter (red wire in the picture) then it toggles between playing at two different speeds rather than between playing and not playing. Is that as it should be? I expected it to toggle between playing at a higher speed and not playing at all. It’s still cool either way :slight_smile:

you are overriding the inner connection between simpliciter and the expander with that red cable

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it’s written in the manual

if you find it :sunglasses: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

More like Nysthi 57 - SuperMuppet 0 in my case. :wink:

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