Simpliciter: How to clear out all sample data / file references?

I am working on a patch, using SImpliciter, to distribute to students.

I would like the Simpliciter modules to be empty, for the students to load in their own audio.

I discovered that “Initialize” clears out the sample data – good.

But it does not clear out the audio file path. So, when I reopen the saved patch, it reloads the audio.

I have looked through right-click menus, but I don’t see any option to clear everything.

I suppose in one sense, it could be considered a bug that “Initialize” does not in fact initialize everything.

It seems that the only available workaround is to delete the modules and repatch. This wastes time, and is error prone (easy to make wrong connections in any medium-complex patch).

The Rack 2 file format is no longer hackable in a text editor, so that option is out as well.

What to do? (Select all, save selection as, hack, import into a new patch? I’d hope there’s something better than that.)


The Rack2 file format is compressed using zstd. You can unpack it, edit the json and then repack it. Not simple, but possible.

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OK, marking as solution (plus, find Nysthi at github and file a bug report).


yes open an issue

there is an easy workaround

press the REC button before saving it

Oh OK, thanks! (Late reply, busy few days at work…)

Will open an issue later.