Similar to PressurePoints or Tetrapad?

Is there any module similar to PressurePoints or Tetrapad? like a bunch of voltage memories at the touch of a button.

AS Triggers MK1 lets you set a voltage from -10 to +10 V and gives you a couple of big buttons to trigger that voltage - one Latched and one Momentary. Just one voltage per instance though but nothing to stop you using however many instances you need.

Impromptu TACT-1 gives you a kind of tactile strip controller that outputs a voltage dependent on where you press on the strip. And it has a built in slew limiter.

MindMeld ShapeMaster gives you 8 channels of whatever shape of voltage you want over time. You can set a channel with a simple flat horizontal line, at your required voltage, then right click on the channel number button to open the channel menu and activate the “Force 0V when stopped option”. You can then use the channels play button to flip between 0V (when stopped) and whatever voltage you set (when playing).

There may well be other options that do what you want but that’s 3 off the top of my head.

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and once you have found the perfect constant voltage module you like, trigger it with these

The coffee module juice stores 16 sets of 8 voltages, you can advance thru or send voltage to choose one.

One option could also be:



I forgot about that one :slight_smile: - probably the best option for the OP.

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Does this work for you?

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This is the one you want. Pretty much Pressure Points with a little bit of Brains:

It’s expandable as well:


For pressure points another option is these:

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