Silly Rack Trick: Modulate the polyphony of BogAudio PolyMult

I misunderstood what the Channels input was for the BogAudio PolyMult device, which coverts mono CV/Gate into a polyphonic signal. I thought it actually modulated the number of channels of polyphony on the output. Really, it takes the polyphony of the input and uses it for the output.

Then I looked at the source and modified it so it actually did what I misunderstood it to do: My hacked version actually modulates the signal polyphony.

This is a very bad, no good idea, that no one should actually do. Changing the polyphony like that does weird things to the polyphonic output signal which you hear as clicks or distortion.

So yead why not? Modulate the polyphony of the CV/Gate signal! Use an LFO! FM that LFO with another LFO!


Maybe you should try ML Modules Cloner. It has a CV input for its Channels knob, which allows the number of channels to be modulated.

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Just for clarity, this is showing BogAudio PolyMult, not their regular Mult module.

Thanks, edited.

It’s the same as the BogAudio Polymult, in that the channels input doesn’t modulate the number of channels. If you connect a polyphonic signal into the channels input, the ML Modules Cloner sets its polyphony to the polyphony of the input.

If I put mono voltages into Cloner’s Channels and CV inputs, I get poly voltages from Cloner’s CV output, and sweeping the Channels input voltage changes the number of channels.


I stand corrected. I notice it has the same result as my PolyMult hack - if you vary the polyphony too fast it will start glitching.