Sign ins looking good

(Jim T) #1

Successfully signed in on my phone whilst cooking, plus there’s now a link on my phone homepage.

Pretty happy at this point.


(Jim T) #2

ooh, my website specific email gives me a suspiciously official login name.

(Andrew Belt) #3

It defaults to your email address prefix. Probably only you will run into that problem so I’d recommend changing it in the settings.

(Mike) #4

Everything seems functional on my android.

(Andrew Belt) #5

Are you able to change your username as well? Perhaps only admins can do that, which would be a serious issue.

(Jim T) #6

Ah, name and username. got it

(Steve) #7

Merry Christmas!

(Patman / NYSTHI Manual) #8

nah. worked at least for me…

(Nik Jewell) #9

Super slick and easy sign up.

(Alessandro Bonino) #10

Everything ok. It does work flawlessly inside the iOS Discourse app, both on iPhone and iPad. Very cool.

(Andrew Belt) #11

Nice, I haven’t tested the Discourse app yet.

(Erik Van Wees) #12

Will test Android app, if existant :wink:
Good user experience on phone thusfar …

Merry Christmas All!

(Andrew Belt) #13

Looks like the app is just a wrapper around Chrome with a notification poller. No surprise, but nothing special there.

(Alessandro Bonino) #14

I checked because the latest app update broke compatibility with the forum.

(Erik Van Wees) #15

Yep!, Bummer … :wink: Oh well, pretty pleased with behaviour within phone browser already …

(Jhon Shepherd) #16

I’m glad to be on board with this, and very much excited about what the future holds for this software.

(Bruce2008) #17

all good with the signed in, mail for conferme was in spam
glad to be a part of you

(Espen Storo) #18

Wonderfully quick and easy signup.
Also; what-ho everyone!

(Resofactor) #19

Sign in went smooth.

(Michal Moc) #20

I am in, nice and smooth.