Sign ins looking good

Successfully signed in on my phone whilst cooking, plus there’s now a link on my phone homepage.

Pretty happy at this point.


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ooh, my website specific email gives me a suspiciously official login name.

It defaults to your email address prefix. Probably only you will run into that problem so I’d recommend changing it in the settings.

Everything seems functional on my android.

Are you able to change your username as well? Perhaps only admins can do that, which would be a serious issue.

Ah, name and username. got it

Merry Christmas!

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nah. worked at least for me…

Super slick and easy sign up.

Everything ok. It does work flawlessly inside the iOS Discourse app, both on iPhone and iPad. Very cool.

Nice, I haven’t tested the Discourse app yet.

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Will test Android app, if existant :wink:
Good user experience on phone thusfar …

Merry Christmas All!

Looks like the app is just a wrapper around Chrome with a notification poller. No surprise, but nothing special there.

I checked because the latest app update broke compatibility with the forum.

Yep!, Bummer … :wink: Oh well, pretty pleased with behaviour within phone browser already …

I’m glad to be on board with this, and very much excited about what the future holds for this software.

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all good with the signed in, mail for conferme was in spam
glad to be a part of you

Wonderfully quick and easy signup.
Also; what-ho everyone!

Sign in went smooth.

I am in, nice and smooth.