Showing new plugins in the list

New user feedback:
Wondering if there could be a new column added to:
that shows date added.

That way when I go there I can select the column to sort it, and then see if any new plugin has been added since the last time I looked. Date modified is good for the updates, and that seems fine.
But I get distracted by that updates column thinking it might be a new plugin, only to waste time realizing that it is not, and that I either have it already, or don’t want it.

Also when you drill down into a plug-in link then go back to the list it starts at the top of the page all over again, and you lose where you were in the list.


That data isn’t in the manifest format. Adding it would require more work for library maintainers.

I also personally wouldn’t use this feature. I browse this forum and the Facebook for new releases, not the Plugin Manager.

and that’s what News of the Rack is for :metal::sunglasses:


its nice having three places to check.
where is News Of The Rack?

search here for the name and you find all information you need :metal::sunglasses:

Naw, it takes too long to check the other places, so I am going back to favoring having one place to look for new plugins and that is the actual plugins list, sorted by date added.
A date added field is probably the most basic of database data…

edit: added parentheses
edit: now it works with mingw64/python too

Is that your code? If it is, you left off the parentheses after “platform.system” for Linux and Darwin. Worked rather well after they were added.

yes it is, thank you for the correction!