ShapeMaster - Reset phase ?

Almost every time I start to create a rhythmic sequence, at the end I have to use the phase knob to place the first beat in the right place. Really the phase knob is a blessing. But sometimes I’d like to rearrange the shape, so that it starts in the right place, and set the phase knob to zero. It would be easier to work with.

Do you know if this function exists in shapeMaster. I’ve looked for it, it doesn’t seem to, but you never know. If not a trick or a workaround to accomplish this.

There’s no way of moving the Shape nodes themselves without redrawing them (and an easy way of implementing that doesn’t spring to mind).

If you have ShapeMaster Pro though, what you could do is use the Phase input on the CV expander to introduce an offset which would allow you to place your Rhythm where you want it on the grid while keeping the Phase knob itself positioned at zero. Not sure if that helps?

Thank you. But effectiveley the problem is not to have the phase knob at zero, but to have the original shape, the one you edit, in the right place. It’s more of a visual problem.

When the shape starts to become complicated, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around, when the cursor does not indicate the right position on that original shape.