Shapemaster question; creating gate and cv for vco

Hello rack professionals, i am using the pro version for sequencing and be happy with the endless possibilities of this module. Actually i am struggeling with creating a gate for my pitch, if the vco needs a gate. Sure it is possible to make a shape with e.g. 1/16 notes and patch the vca or cv output with the vco gate input. Problem here is, that if i change a not duration, i have to manually change the gate. I want to use a gate as long as the duration automatically. With this i can change duration in the pitch shape and gate length is automatically changed as well. Is it possible inside Shapemaster?

Another option i thought about is to form a gate out of the pitch information (Y 10V, X note length 1/4,1/8,1/16 …). But then i got a gate high, if pitch is 0V, the note C. Thats not what i want. Any ideas?

Did you check the Shape Tracker module? It is a trigger/gate generator with the Shapemaster Pro version.


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Yes i did, but can not find a trigger for a single grid step. I see a trigger for sustain, eoc …

Oh, in this picture i see a gate. I overlooked it… Will check again. Thanks

Maybe this video will help


Thats it. How could i miss it. Wonderful, will play with the knobs in the near future, perhaps in the evening. Thank you.

hello, i just tested it, but unfortunately it doesnt work. the 0V line is interpreted as note c. i mean, if no note played. any ideas?

Can you share an image of your patch? This makes understanding your problem and possibly finding a solution much easier.

here it is.

hope it helps.

The node triggers output generates a trigger whenever the playhead crosses a node in the shape

You have “Show Shape Nodes” turned off in global settings, which makes it very hard to see when triggers should be generated - particularly along the 0V line - there could be lots of triggers there or none but you can’t tell unless shape nodes are tuned on.

It’s correct that the 0V line is interpreted as C - it’s a general standard that 0V = C4 in rack - but that’s actually down to the VCO, not ShapeMaster. ShapeMaster is just outputting 0V.

Try putting Farini in AD mode and send the node triggers output from SM to the trig input on Farini, not the gate.

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I think I know what you want, you want “Note Off”. so there is no sound. The only way you can do that is by NOT sending a gate to the VCA, All VCOs are ALWAYS outputting sound, the only way we can NOT hear them is by not opening the gate (same with all keyboards, as long as you don’t play a note on the keyboard you hear no sound).

It does not matter what note ( 0V or 1V) is played by the OSC as long as the gate is closed you won’t hear it.

So for a rest in your SEQ you need to NOT have a GATE. (gate=0).

Oh i see. Does it mean that i have to create a second compagnion shape for the melody with gates? Some shorter, some longer, equivalent to the note durations? This would be a bit cumbersome, because i have to edit two shapes, if composing.

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Yes, one for pitch and one for duration.

Thank you, this is sad. Shapemaster as a sequencer then is a bit cumbersome. Btw: do you know how to merge two nodes if i want to change two 1/8 notes for a 1/4 note? Or splitting, if vice versa?

Double click the node or the line to insert/delete a node. (use shift and ctrl for snapping)

Thank you for the clearness answer.

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If you are happy with notes being the same length you can do your pitch and triggers on the same channel.

If you want different note lengths, then you can either use a separate channel of SM for the gates (in which case you would use the regular CV out, not node triggers) - or you could just use the one channel as above and modulate the decay on the AD envelope instead which gives a very similar effect to having different gate lengths.

There are many ways of getting different note lengths in modular but modulating decay is probably the simplest.

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Yes i understsnd. Thanks. Adjusting decay seems possible and musically interested. Perhaps it is also possible to use a module like rhythm explorer from vernom connected to a trigger in SM. Will see and explore :smile: