Shapemaster Pro trigger or gate question

Hello Rackheads, This is a randomly generated sequence where 5 steps are distributed to 8 segments. This creates a euclidean rhythm. Is there any way to get a trigger or gate from Shapemaster for the steps without using any external modules? The expander only provides eoc triggers. Thanks guys!

No, not directly. The easiest way would be to add a Count Modula Slope Detector to get a trigger on every voltage change. Or you could use a second row of Shapemaster to create gates, which are not correlated to the melody of the first row. This would be my randomize settings for that:

As Markus says but alternatively you could copy the first channel and paste it to another channel, and use that as a template/guide to make your gates if you do want them to correlate to the pitch changes in the first channel (not so useful if you keep randomising the sequence though)