ShapeMaster Pro and Vult Mysteries are crashing VCV Rack

I recently updated to Rack 2.2.0. I am not sure this is the issue but I can no longer use Rack ( it crashes) If I have either ShapeMaster Pro by Mind Meld installed or Vult Mysteries. For the moment I have disabled these and the app now opens and is completely functional. I am in an Apple M1 Max Mac Book Pro with 64Gb Ram running Monterey 12.6.1

Very strange, we’ve had no reports of SM-Pro misbehaving, but we’ll keep an eye open for anything.

Just tried here, same setup (M1 Max MBP, 64GB, 12.6.1) and everything loads fine for me.

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My M1 Mini with Ventura (MacOS 13.0.1) with Rack 2.2.0 is dead stable, and never an issue with SM Pro or the Vult Mysteries (use Lapsus a lot for example)

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Richard - do you also own the other 2 commercial Vult plugins or just Mysteries?

Just to rule out something that is perhaps obvious, but I’ll mention it anyways, if you’re using the ARM64 version of Rack it could be a reason for the problem since SM-Pro has not been distributed for ARM64 yet.

Marc - if you have not seen it you might want to check out Richards post on the FB group about it where he posted his crash logs.

The fact that the issue happened with these particular commercial plugins made me wonder if it could perhaps be something to do with Rack’s security protection which I know we implement and have a feeling Vult does too (which is why I asked if Richard owned the other two Vult commercial plugins too)

Makes sense, since line 6 in the crash report (on FB) for both SM and Vult are this, which mentions DRM:

6: plugin.dylib(rack::drm::Context::Context(std::__1::basic_string<char, std::__1::char_traits, std::__1::allocator >, rack::plugin::Plugin*)+299)

So perhaps the plugins need to be re-built and sent to VCV, given some changes that occurred in Rack 2.2.0?

What are the changes in v2.2.0?

Other than the changelog, I’d have to go check the source code in github to see, but not sure I would spot anything relevant, as it’s just a guess.

Whats’s confusing is I’m sure we’d have had some other reports if DRM was generally an issue in 2.2.0

And Georg above confirms he’s on an M1 using 2.2.0 and has no issues with SM Pro or Vult. Strange.

Might have a clue about what’s causing this.

Waiting for Richard to wake up in Australia to see if we’re right :slight_smile:

I am running a later OS version than the OP. That might make some diff I guess…

Richard’s SM Pro crash is fixed now.

It’s was related to a bug in the VCV DRM code that Andrew fixed on Nov 4th. We implemented the updated DRM code and that seems to have resolved things.

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