set up the build toolchain - which macos sdk?

It looks like the mac sdk requirements have not changed in a long time, so my old MacOSX11.1.sdk.tar.bz2 file from Feb 2022 is still current, and I can use that to make arm builds?

The current instructions do say the extension should be xz. Is that important? If so, should I “re-harverst” the sdk, or uncompress, then re-compress as xz?

I don’t remember how I figured this out before - perhaps the instructions were different. They now deep link you into a section of the OSX Cross documentation, but from the deep link it’s not blindingly obvious that you need to clone osx cross first.

I guess if I run into troubles I should get a current version of osx cross and do it again? (oh, it looks like osx cross hasn’t be changed in a long time… ok…)

ah, so it’s perfectly happy with with old bz2. makes intel and arm targets. w00t!

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