Sequencing Modules that report current step as a parameter?

Is there any sequencing modules out there that can report a current step as a parameter value?

I’m working on some touch osc stuff and it would be great to get a touch screen interface hooked up to some of these sequencers.

Most of the Count Modula sequencers are friendly via midi, where there is a dedicated parameter for on/off step. Which means you can use it in bitwig and a bi-directional midi controller. Its pretty fantastic this way.

Still a limitation of this is there is not an indication of the steps are currently being played.

There might be some workarounds for this, like a module with a reverse macro knob that gets set via cv and modifies its knob position to be read by the daw and sent to touch osc. I wonder if that is possible.


I am not sure I fully understand what you are trying to achieve, but the Sequensizer series by DHE Modules has a Step# output, on top of being one of the weirdest (in the best possible way) “sequencer”. It certainly is worth the time you might need to “get it” (I think there is a video by Omri Cohen that could help with that ? I might remember wrong).

On top of that when understand the way it works, you basically also get their other modules, like Scannibal, that are also very interesting.

I am not sure if I understand it correctly, but if I do, the easiest workaround would be to use two sequencers, one with address input. Like ADDR. So you feed one seq into another and…

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A hackish way of doing what i think you are going for would be to use an lfo to pick the step of a sequencer liker addr:

and then use the lfo as your parameter.

ShapeMaster Pro comes to mind.

It has 8 channels of output and you could configure one channel to give a unique value for each step. It’s so limitless in how you can use that one, oscillator, modulation source, envelope, sequencer, quantizer, clock, function generator, it’s in there somewhere.

Omri demonstrated Scannibal here: 5 New Modules to experiment with in VCV Rack in December 2020 - YouTube

Scannibal is like Sequencizer’s slightly weirder brother. Other then being driven by a phase input, it works very much like Sequencizer.

That said, I’m not sure what “report a current step as a parameter value” means. My sequencers report the current step as an output, not as a parameter.

Is outputting via a parameter a thing? Does it somehow do something useful when VCV Rack is used in a DAW?

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I’ll have to post an example of what it going on for it to make sense I think. But being able to read it via daw parameter allows me to control any instance of rack using touch osc and a controller extension with bitwig.

Some plugins can write automation which allows you to use an extension to read the values of the parameter and send it to touch osc.