Sequencer with Discrete Semitone Increments?

Possibly I’ve been spoiled growing up on five12’s Numerology, but I’m struggling to change the value of pitch sequence steps, as they’re all continuous and calibrated in volts. Does anyone make a sequencer devoted to pitch with recognizable musical intervals and “stickiness” to those intervals! Thanks a lot!

Yes, my Seq++ is semitones based, and will be familiar to people who have used mini software.

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You can also take a look at some Impromptu sequencers, PhraseSeq16 is probably a good place to start, and if ever it fits your style, then Foundry is a bit more powerful, but good to start with a PS16 at first. Cheers!


As above, there are sequencers with pitch locked to semitones, which is great when you want to write specific melodies. But those sequencers with continuous voltage are made to work with quantisers (which quantise all pitch inputs to semitones). These are great when working with more random votages.

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Thanks a lot, everyone.