Sequencer drums

I’m fairly new into modular synths, as I played with sequencers I’ve noticed that when you trigger a gate with it, if there is no “off” signal in between it just stays oppen. I’m trying to do drum sequences and I don’t know how to approach this, nor how to search info about (I’m sorry if this has already been solved).

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Not usually an issue if triggering a drum module as their default is fast attack and then die quickly.

If instead you’re trying to produce drum sounds from a noise source or synth voice then try and apply an envelope with fast attack and very little to no release.

What specific modules are you trying to use for drums?

I tried with Nysthi Programmer and vcv seq-3 I have vcv noise output into the mixer, the output from the sequencer (row) into vcv ADSR gate and the output to the CV on the mixer (same chanel) I get a similar sound to a hh, the thing is that if I’m using a 16 step sequencer, I only can get 8 hits, as they have to be “on-off-on-off…” I’m not sure if there is a way to “auto close” in between steps or if I even should be approaching this this way. I’ll give a try on drum modules see what i can get! ^^

Check out some of Omri Cohen’s videos on YouTube- he has some great tutorials and example patches. If you skip to the end of this one you’ll see an example of a patch with a sequenced kick drum sound that starts as noise

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Much appreciated! Right now I solved the problem by using Autodafe TriggerSeq. I’ll guess that a trigger and a gate are not the same, allthough I am not sure hehe.

I’ll check the video, thanks! :slight_smile:

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you are right, the main difference between triggers and gates is, trigger is a short signal , gates can have an arbitrary duration.

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