Seq++ EOC not firing as expected?

Is this just me, or is this a known thing? Squinky Labs Seq++ 2.1.4 does many nice things. But I haven’t been able to get a trigger from EOC. When I put a voltmeter module on the EOC output while a sequence is looping, I never see the voltage change from zero. I know this must work for most people, as others aren’t asking this question. The manual only has the description of what EOC is. End Point seems to be at the end of the sequence as it should be. I don’t see any settings in the menus that look relevant. Did I miss something obvious? Thanks.

It’s a new feature that @robert.kock added, so it hasn’t been around for that long…

This was also raised by someone else. It looks like this functionality has disappeared from my codeset. I will bring it back in asap. I will try to do over the weekend.

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Should be fixed now. Test versions for Win, Mac and Linux can be downloaded from here.

EOC not only in playOnce · kockie69/SquinkyVCV-main@c8d167e (

If I haven’t heard back on any issues (preferably Github) I will send an update for VCV-Library too post weekend.


The version 2.1.5 that went live today should have the fix in it.

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Excellent. Got the update. Thanks. EOC working correctly make Seq++ able to do several things, like one-shot and sending signals to other modules.