Send Sound or Module signal to external analog gear or mixer input

I hear is possible to send audio/signal to external mixer or analog gear from VCV RACK with audiocard.
I have now Motu Ultralite and RME Fireface 802 and I would like to hear what is your thoughts.
I wanna get real modular but before I would like to explore sounds and combinations with the VST.
Waiting for you

Sending audio is straight forward and should be able from both cards, both analog and digital over adat to any mixer that accepts analog & adat.

As for sending CV signals through analog DC coupled outputs, it is possible from the Motu UL. (which version is that MK 2/3/4 ?
I don’t know if the Fireface 802 has DC coupled analog outputs.

However if you want to have reliable connection to your analog synth gear, it is a better solution to use the ADAT connection.
You will need a module such as Expert Sleepers ES3 / ES6 to connect and convert the ADAT signals to and from your computer audio interface.

Hope this helps.