Selling VCV modules you have purchased?

I’m not sure where this discussion fits, but as it didn’t fit the summaries of the other threads I thought I should put it here. I did a search of the forum, but couldn’t see this covered previously so apologies if it is.

This is something that’s probably best clarified while Rack is fairly niche before an influx due to an eventual plugin version.

Is there any mechanism for selling module subscriptions to other members?

Currently we do not have a product transfer policy, although we may allow this in the future. Here are the EULA and Refund Policy for Commercial Plugins on the VCV Library.

I’m in the UK so post-Brexit this may be a grey area, but I believe we brought across nearly all the EU legislation and that includes the right to transfer software ownership irrespective of whatever the original manufacturer’s rules are. May well be something that comes up in the future especially if Rack itself becomes a paid for plugin product.


I definitely have some paid plugins I rarely use that I’d be happy to sell or trade for ones I want to try.

if this becomes something available here then there should probably be a “buy, sell, trade” category because i imagine there will be a ton of posts looking to sell/trade and without a dedicated category it will just lead to clutter.

Just so I understand…one can already do this, but I think the main issue is getting updates from the library?

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Yeah, I guess the feature would really be: Transfer this purchase from this account to that account.

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AFAIK, ‘Buy, Sell or Trade’ not equals ‘Transfer’

from Eula:

This software is licensed, not sold. … primary user is the license holder.
You must not distribute or sell licenses of this software to third parties.

You can’t sell your license to someone, because of nature of product. It is digital and it is zero effort to make a copy and hand it over to someone. It is like copying content of physical CD to second rewritable CD and selling it = piracy.

On the other hand ‘Transfer’ means that primary user loses access to software one way or another. (handing over original physical CD and destroying locally installed copy)

I have never head of this, until now, whoa…

Here is some today discussion after I posted link from above EU court rules software transfer is a sale (2012) | Hacker News

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Yes, it is probably legal to swap in EU and illegal in USA. Of course I’m not a lawyer, that’s just my take on the info that has been posted here.

Some companies have been really cool with doing transfers, no charges whatsoever, others charge a small fee which I think is very reasonable e.g. u-he has a rule “license transfers cost €15 if you have owned the plug-in for less than nine months, and free otherwise.”, FabFilter ask a small fee per transfer, others ask a pretty considerable amount e.g. Melda Production asks for 20% of the full price, which means you get very little back as they continually offer products at at least 50% off RRP in sales.

I don’t mind really what transfer policy is decided on so long as one is. If transfer of individual items is too problematic then it would come down to transfer of an entire account and I don’t see many people wanting to do that.

One thing is that is clear is that if VCV continues requiring online verification when opened, even when eventually there’s a plugin version, then it should be very easy to ascertain who is using libraries they are licensed for and who isn’t to prevent someone selling something on that they’ve cloned.

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