Segfault on exit Linux

I have noticed that every time I exit I get a segfault. VCV Rack runs fine without issue and this does not appear to cause any issues that I can see. Unfortunately I can tell you anything because this site does not allow me to upload the related core files or my json file or any file to that end.

If this is of value to the community or the development team it sure would be nice to be able to submit the files.


github is the best place to submit issues.

What audio output module are you using ? The Skrylar Jack I/O modules always leave a segfault on close, they’re in dire need of some development love. The VCV audio output works fine here, no errors at close.

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Using Jack version 1.9.14 through audio 8 in vcvrack.

Its not a big deal I was just curious about the issue. I will submit it over on github.
I was interested if other folks had seen the issue.


in my experience it is enough to have the skjack plugin in your plugins folder to get that crash on exit - maybe just check if it is there and move it out for a moment there for some a/b testing …

not saying is not the skjack, I get that crash randomly , I not use the skjack