Searching for accurate LPG

Hello !

Is there any LowPass Gate plugin that accurately reproduce hardware vactrols comportment ?

I have tested Vult’s LPG, but for me it does not reproduce at all the comportment of hardware LowPass Gate like MakeNoise LXD for exemple.

A simple 4 HP designed module (like fundamental VCA-1) with audio intput/output, strike input and view meter would be and absolute killer paired with a complex oscillator.

Thanks !

Vult has two LPGs, so was it Nurage you tried, or Julste? If you haven’t tried Nurage, I would say give it a shot, you may like it. Cheers!

Good point !
I have tried Julste, just found Nurage that seems quite obviously to be the rigth module.
I will try it this evening.

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Thanks !

also check nysthi lpg 208, quite in the buchla spirit!

Have you tried Nysthi 208 with a fast envelope as trigger?