Searches for VCV Rack in Google.

I was just wondering; how popular is VCV Rack already; when did the first Google Searches for VCV Rack come along and where do VCV Rack searchers come from?

See for yourself on Google Trends.

This doesn’t have to mean anything; these are just the numbers of searches in Google over time.


Don’t interpret those as “searches”. Google Insights measures “Interest” which combines many factors but mostly PageRank related to the given keyword.

I would guess new interest has been constant since the initial announcement of Rack, which agrees with your plot. Rack is an interesting product due to its near linear growth since the very beginning. This is great for a company because you can never expect exponential growth to be stable forever.



Sadly ecosia/bing doesn’t show search trends. I guess the people who watched Peter Kirn introducing vcvrack on 36c3 in Leipzig mainly stay away from google :smiley:

I should start counting how often I hit “vcv rack” into ecosia search out of habit. If they really plant a tree for every search, vcv rack must have generated about 30 to 40 trees since dec 30th.

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