Sckitam collection (v.1.0.2)

Four new modules are available in the VCV Library ( The list is as follows:

2DRotation: Utility, 2D Rotation of 2 input signals

2DAffine: Utility, 2D Affine Transform of 2 intput signals

MarkovSeq: Sequencer & Switch, 8 steps sequencers based on Markov chain

PolygonalVCO: VCO based on the paper: C. Hohnerlein, M. Rest, and J. O. Smith III, “Continuous order polygonal waveform synthesis,” in Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2016.

Note: Currently, all modules are monophonic. Polyphony will be considered for future releases.


Ooh, the polygon VCO looks fun! Can’t wait to try it soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is so cool, I wanted to buy Polygogo but i can wait and play with polygonal synthesis in VCV now :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks !

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Polygonal is really sick!! Clamp the xy and feed it back into itself :wink:

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@philippe.salembier, possibly you didn’t increment the plugin version in plugin.json when adding PolygonalVCO? I had to delete the plugin folder and re-update in order for it to show up…

Otherwise maybe it was some environmental issue my side. Anyway, I have it now! Just about to tinker! :grinning:

edit Freaking amazing!

A new version of the Sckitam collection is available:

  • 2DAffine : Add parabolic saturation at the output as the shearing may increase a lot the signal dynamic.

  • MarokSeq :

    1. Add output triggers for each state
    2. Add tools to set probabilities related to a given state to 0.0 or to 0.5
    3. Modify the initialization such that the sequencer moves as a regular sequencer (forward direction)
    4. Add a context menu to choose the behavior if all probabilities are 0

A new version of the Sckitam collection is available:

1.0.2 (2020-01-25)

  • All Modules : Add support for polyphony
  • All Modules : Add option in the context menu for light or dark panel
  • Polygonal VCO : Add option in the context menu to quantize the N parameter

Love this collection! The modules are great for making fun shape-based oscilloscope-music that sounds good. Cheers and thank you!

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Thank you very much. I am glad you are enjoying them!