Scanner synth -Bidoo Emile

Another simple synth patch this time based around 2 Bidoo Emile png scanner modules, 1 going into Bogaudio’s FM OP and the other into Bidoo’s CiaCos oscillator. Then sequenced by Lifeform Modular’s Impulse Control. Then delayed [Chronoblob] and then Reverbed[Plateau]. I had to put a Cf Peak module in between to calm the sound. Influenced by Electronicos Fantasticos on YouTube, especially their barcode reader pieces.

Scanner synth FM version by Adrian Bottomley (

Scanner synth-Bidoo Emile | Patchstorage

Impulse Control is from Lifeform Modular, not me :slight_smile:

Ok, just that the livery looks very similar-colours and set out on the panel.