Saving large amounts of data to Json?

If I would like to save a large amount of data would it be better to save it as binary somewhere or still use the Json file? If using a binary file is better I would probably need to somehow get the preferred location to save the file (i.e. The documents folder in Windows) Is this information available to my plugin?


Don’t do it for data over ~100KB since autosaves happen between two screen frames. In Rack v1, you’ll be able to use something like

std::string absoluteFilename = APP->patch->acquireAsset("out.wav");

Haven’t designed the entire proposal, but it will allow a “File > Export patch” menu item that collects all assets into a folder.

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I’m wanting to do the same thing. What ever came of this?

The proposal was rejected, due to a low user interest / complexity ratio.

Ok, no worries. I have a follow up question, but I’ll post it as a new topic. :slight_smile: