Sampler with Ableton "Beats"-style playback

I’m wondering if there’s a sampler module that emulates Ableton Live’s Beats mode for playing back samples.

Beats mode is a playback mode that preserves the pitch of sample, even when played at a faster or slower speed. It does this by making use of transients (both algorithmically determined, but user-editable as well). Essentially the sample is divided into contiguous slices by the transients, and when the sample is sped up, the ends of the regions are discarded during playback, and when slowed down, the ends of the samplers are looped (either forward/reverse/pingpong/etc) to fill in the space; this last method can produce some pretty interesting sounds when the playback tempo is slowed way down.

I’m decently familiar with NYSTHI Simpliciter but I don’t think it quite does this behavior, but I wasn’t sure if there was something else out there that worked this way. Bonus points if the .asd sample analysis files could also be loaded into the sampler to get Ableton-generated/edited transients.