sample shuffle

i have a folder of 50 .wav files and i want to play back all files in random order, each file from beginning to end, and each file playing only once. any ideas on how to achieve this in vcv rack?

Hello again. tonymono. 1st thought, Nysthi Sussudio, triggered by an slow LFO [Frozen Wasteland BPM]. I have played a file full of samples that way before. See if that works for you.


you can use also


and use the EXPANDER to trig CASUAL NEXT samples…


In a cycle ? so all files have to be randomly played before a sample can be played again ? or a sample may not repeat itself ?

samples should play once - until the whole folder has been played (randomly)

thanks ady34 but i need to play the 50 files randomly, without any single file repeating within the cycle of 50

interesting: exclusive Random play mode, with exhaustion of samples with stop or repeat and or shuffle and repeat at the end…

can be done currently

  • generating the correct CSV file for a 02NAGOL
  • setting the advance mode for the 02NAGOL to TRIG mode
  • connect the EOS of sampler to the trig in of the 02NAGOL

the SimplerFileControlExpander contains the CV SAMPLE too

voltages are in semitone steps

sample 1 will be played with voltage between 0x0.083333333333333 and 1x0.083333333333333 sample 2 will be played with voltage between 1x0.083333333333333 and 2x0.083333333333333

and so on

you need only to generate the correct 02NAGOL CSV file…
I can do it: my rate is $1000 for csv