Same modules, read in params only - is there a way?

Is this possible, or have I missed it: have one synth with it’s modules and layout, then save/load just the module parameters. Something like having hardware synth where you become familiar with its features, but can load in saved ‘patches’ which are just the starting settings of the controls.

Is this possible? Has someone made some wonderful thing to do this?

Looking at the .vcv files, the params do seem to be conveniently stored in ‘params’, albeit spread around each module.

OK, it would be nice-to-have to reduce proliferation of patch files! I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth

Not sure if you are talking about presets, as starting point.

If so, you can save a preset/setting for each of the individual modules, within you patch. Or you can use “Stoermelder Strip” module, and save/load an entire set of modules as a preset.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. Seems the answer to most of my questions thus far is @stoermelder :smiley: (BTW I’m finding GOTO very helpful now)

I know you can save individual module presets, which is good of course but a bit fiddly for a big patch. From the manual, seems like STRIP is doing what can be done from within a module.

I’m guessing then that my ‘Load/Save All Presets’ function would need to be at the Rack level. So maybe a bit of a stretch.

This topic has been discussed a few times before. There is no technical limitation in doing something like you describe but I don’t see it makes much sense after thinking it through: I am assuming you are talking about something like a fixed rack: Place some modules, adjust some parameters and save something you call „preset“ (this term is actually reserved for module presets).

Question 1: Does this super-preset include your cabling? Or do cables belong to your fixed rack? I assume cabling does belong to your preset.

Question 2: What happens if you add just one more module (or delete it, makes no difference in this situation)? How should a super-preset handle this? Include the set of modules? No matter what the answer might be I can’t prevent the user adding more modules or removing them, so an imaginary super-preset must handle this case.

Everytime I think about it I end up suggesting STRIP or saving to patches. Another idea would be using TRANSIT if you are talking about selected parameters, as you can set the fade-time to zero.
But I’m open to discussion if someone can suggest a good workflow and how this could work!

Thanks. I think the ‘hardware analogy’ is the best way I can describe it. If you had a fixed synth, you’d just want to save the knob and switch settings. I guess the cabling is a moot point, but for me that would be a ‘different synth’.

Q1. No cabling saved, just read/write the module control settings.

Q2. The read operation would just read in settings for the modules that exist in the patch. New modules ignored, removed modules ignored.

This is a real-world use for me, not acadamic. I want to create a small number of usable patches so that the layout and operation become familiar, and also be able to initialise them for specific songs. Of course I can do that now by saving lots of .vcv files, but any tweaks multiply up.

…in a nutshell: like going round each module and doing Preset/Open or Preset/Save As. But in one hit, to one file.

Edit - I just checked, Preset/Open doesn’t read in the cabling. That’s fine for me.