ROMsleep [ambient/noise]

Hello. In this thread I will post my music created either entirely - or in large part - with VCV Rack.

‘Crawlspace’ is a sci-fi inspired track performed in VCV Rack, bounced down as stereo, chopped a bit and polished in Reaper.


very cinematic


Great stuff :slight_smile:

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Thank you!


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I was experimenting with Plaits and ended up with something that sounded a bit like a train so I threw Elements in there as a sort of squeeky brake/railroad-crossing-bell hybrid and some other bits and bobs.

Stereo bounce from VCV imported into Reaper for some EQ and tape effects.

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Was very happy to discover the 1.0 Southpole betas and got to fiddling with the euclidian sequencer (i love that thing). Here we have 3 of those sequencers plucking 3 instances of Rings with some other things going on, notably a couple instances of the surge chorus to thicken things up.

Stereo bounce from VCV again, tarted up a bit in Reaper.

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