Revisit this notion of having a Mute on a mixer bypassing a module - or selection.

I sent the following email to the Author of Mind Meld: I use MixMaster Junior with expander almost exclusively. Great module(s). Would like to use the 16 channel but I rarely get more than 8 channels going before hitting the cpu wall. Yesterday I was introduced to the Face8 and Transit modules and this got me to thinking – what I REALLY need is for a MixMaster track to be able to bind to a module or a selection and when that channel is muted, the bound selection or module goes into bypass mode. What say you? Is this do-able? I would pay for that feature.

Add Meld to Mixmaster and connect poly channel mute input. Stoermelder Strip can bypass any number of adjacent modules in a row. Send a trigger to both at one or control both with same midi button.

Thanks! I will investigate this but I am short on know-how when it comes to the polyphony Inserts and Groupings for MixMaster. Will report back.

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I have a patch I am trying this on and have saved the original as a comparison. Avg CPU usage sits about 75% with some pretty high Max spikes around 290%+ but on a whole is useable. I have a wonderful cinematic voice I pulled off a patch by Alex-D (Ambient Patch 80) and If I bypass that, all is good. I’ll probably throw a looper in and play a section into it then bypass after if I’m jamming the patch.

I am doing as you suggested (though please interject if you see a more efficient means of doing so) using the Pulses module as the Mute Trigger which also sends a trigger to the VCV 1>4 switch which alternates outputs to trigger the On or Off state of the STRIP Module. I have 6 instances of Strip going. At this exact moment I have 5 of the 1>4/STRIP combos running off Little Utils Transport modules. The only thing running on my laptop (Surface Pro 7) is OneNote that I am currently writing this on. My average CPU usage is just above 100% and I am seeing some max as high as 600% Usually after I have had Chrome open (and I have a bad habit of having Chrome with a dozen r more tabs going) I have to let VCV run and the computer settle down for a bit before things level off at better readings. I got rid of the Little Utils Transporters to try and save some CPU. Didn’t make a whole load of difference but every bit counts. I’ll link to the patch and if you want to have a boo at it and let me know what I might do differently - well that would be pretty cool.

Here are a couple screen shots. Ignore the max % CPU during screen grabs. This always pops right high when I go to use Windows Snip & Sketch (I’m currently in a hotel room with the big screen tv as a second monitor and don’t know how to get a screen shot of it otherwise).

Patch here: Poly Mute Bypass Experiment | Patchstorage

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Hi Dave,

Sorry I just saw your email - I overlooked it at first as the email title looked like spam :slight_smile: . Best to put something recognisable like 'MindMeld" or “MixMaster” in the title in order to aid recognition.

MixMaster is essentially considered “finished” at this stage. We won’t be adding any new features unless there is a VERY strong use case for them that would be of clear benefit to the vast majority of users. We will of course keep the software updated and compatible with new version of Rack etc.

cubistguitar’s suggestion seems like a good one for what you are trying to achieve.

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No problem Steve and appreciate the response!