Reverse Delay - first module prototype

I did a short test,

first: as you renamed the module and svg I had both the prototype and the new update in my library, and it didn’t load the update first, but I changed that and can now use both.

I see all popups on the modulation cv inputs show “clock input”, beside the real clock input, I miss the mix output as I used it in a patch and liked the output of it, I would have liked an attenuverter with cv in for the mix output to modulate it, but maybe this can be in an update or or an expander?

the prests saved with the prototype won’t load in the updated version, but crash VCV as the update has another module name in the presets.

So maybe you should advise everyone to first delete the prototype before testing the update, or be aware of the changes.

And I still like this module very much!!!

I would keep the clock input as “clock” ( many other modules have it like this) and maybe change the length knob to lenght/sync.

Oh, interesting, I’ll have to figure out what’s going on with those crashes, I didn’t have any problem with the two modules sitting side by side.

Thanks for the feedback!

If I really squeeze everything in, I could add the mix out, but I feel like it would make the module a lot tighter and maybe too busy. For now I think it’s best to use an external mixer, and that gives you the freedom to have them in stereo or mono.

Although if lots of people want it, I could be convinced to come up with something.

It’s true that three fonts in a design is often quoted as a good place to draw the line. You’ve got the module name, the labels and the logo. It’s fine. Tell them I said it’s ok.

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Haha, thanks @ScreenSlave, I really appreciate that!

Version -

Now the Length knob functions as a sync select in much the same way as chronoblob’s when there’s a clock input. Clockwise increases the length multiplier by 2-6, and counter-clockwise, it divides the length by 2-6. With 1 being in the dead center.

If there are no bugs that crop up while testing, I’ll submit this one to the library.

Also, this time I remembered to update to the latest SDK 2.3.0 for all three builds (linux, mac, win), so hopefully that will get rid of any compatibility issues.

Ah! And I just remembered to go fix those mislabeled inputs, thanks again @rsmus7!

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I tested the new version and couldn’t find bugs :+1:

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Code cleaned up a bit, I chose the mit license and made the code freely available, and submitted it to library tonight.

There’s a lot about optimizing for modern processors that I have yet to learn, but this stays around the 0.3% cpu usage of other simple modules, so hopefully it’s a decent example for other aspiring reverse delay programmers to pull from if they could use a starting point for their own work.

I also used the ‘hidden’ option for Taps_Proto, so – if it works as intended – then whenever it makes it to the library it shouldn’t break any patches that used that pre-release module. But also hopefully nobody except beta-testers will have to see my ugly first face plate :slight_smile:

Documentation is still yet to be written, but this weekend I’ll work on the README file.

Code is here:

Oh dear, and I still need to add .ds_store and such to the .gitignore.


Great work Dan!! People like you, willing to be creative and share the results makes this a vibrant and interesting community. Taps is already a personal fave! I like focused modules that do one thing well, and this is a great example, superb work. I even like the original artwork, it was charming and made it easy to understand. I have one feature request that would take this over the top for me. A trigger input that would empty the delay buffer. When I use this as part of the sound design of a melodic or harmonic part, I need a way to drop old chord tones for new ones, and dumping the buffer at the start of each new chord seems the easiest way. No problem if this will not make it into the module, I appreciate your kind generous work nonetheless.


Thanks for those kind words! The clear buffer input is a good idea, I’ll think about the implementation for that.