Reverse Delay - first module prototype

Thanks @SuperMuppet!

I just got the Marbles clock recovery code working here. If I have time this weekend I should be able to clean it up and maybe reskin the module, and set about figuring out what I need to do to add it to the library. Thanks for the feedback!

After testing the marbles clock recovery, I think for my purposes there’s still too much jitter, even though it’s only on the order of a few samples here and there, it could cause clicks by playing little parts of the old buffer. I got a better result by keeping a short list of recent recorded clock lengths and using the length that shows up the most often in the last seven clocks or so.

I saved the version that uses the marbles clock recovery for a future module, and now feel the code for the taps release is finished. I’ll polish up the faceplate this weekend and start the library submission process.

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That is great news and well done. It would be great to see it in the library. I’m just curious, (I know nothing about module development or what works and what doesn’t) but won’t a bpm input be easier than a clock input. I find that the Surge delay unit works better with the bpm input than clock input. But that’s just me. As I say I’m in no position to advise, so just ignore this if it’s rubbish.

By chance I just came upon this module:

Manual: FrozenWasteland/ at master · almostEric/FrozenWasteland · GitHub

Might be interesting to explore…

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@ady34 here you go:

Video demo is processing, should be available here in a minute:


Thanks, I’ll try this using AI Resonator as the guitar, hopefully that should produce the desired tones.

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Yep Rings sounds great through Taps in reverse! I’ve patched all the delays from a mixer so that people can easily patch other sound sources through the effect if not using external audio input. Rings is already connected, just press on the Nyshi button to trigger it. In the video, I’m just bonging it occassionaly on the same note, like a kind of drone to improvise over.

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Thanks for explaining and making it a bit easier to Resonator as the sound source. Also Jawari has just been released, that gives a great string sound as well, another one to experiment with!

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Have you ever considered getting an actual guitar? Most of my patches would work better. Being able to play it is optional, that’s the whole point! It makes a huge noise from just twanging a few strings :sweat_smile:

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Aw man, I wish I could play guitar. I only really play wood winds and percussion, but I feel like I can do something musical with most any instrument. But the one huge exception is any kind of stringed instrument with a neck - It just does not work for me!

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Wow, sounds great!

It could be, I’m just more accustomed to using an actual clock signal delay syncing, I guess it’s a hardware hangover, as I don’t have any hardware delays with a bpm input.

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Preliminary design, aiming for 8 HP.

I’m thinking of maaybe springing for red trimpots.

And getting rid of the mix output.

Any feedback is welcome! This is my first really personal eurorack faceplate design.


Some obvious spacing choices I want to change on some of the text, but ran out of steam tonight. Having fun though. It’s so nice to be able to rearrange everything and not have to worry about laying out all the electronics again or having to source all new parts.


Well I have got a cheap plastic bodied acoustic guitar with nylon strings but I have only strummed this in the Flamenco style to get a good vibration.

How would I get that into VCV Rack via Microphone or an Audio interface? [not got one at present]

I would use a mid size font that is easy to read for the controls-The REVERSE and FORWARD examples work best for me. My eyes are getting tired and old! Hope that helps.

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In a pinch, headphones can be used as a microphone, as long as you have an amplifier or a microphone input.

In this case, larger diaphragm headphones are better (rather than ear buds).

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll have to think about the text for a bit, I’ll program up the attenuverters with the text as is and see how it sits with me while I test it.

Red trimpots! And ady34 I played with the fonts to see if I could make the labels more legible.

Now they are using Frere-Jones’ Interstate:

I’m naively worried about mixing three fonts on a single panel, but maybe it’s fine? I’m probably overly wedded to the Futura ‘yokai holiday’ logo since I randomly got the k-h and i-l to line up so neatly.

SuperMuppet Relistening to your Guitar Effects #11 as I write this, it’s really nice.

I’m pleased with the LED on the clock input, it manages to convey the sync in a really pleasant way. When sync is working, it fades smoothly over the clock pulse and relights at the rising edge.

I still need to write the code for the mod inputs, and maybe tweak the other LED behavior, and need to decide whether or not the LENGTH parameter will have an effect on the clock input like Chronoblob does. It probably should.


Okay, version, should have the new Taps module with the red trimpots. I believe the old Taps Proto is unchanged, so hopefully shouldn’t affect any existing patches.

I still need to finish the final functionality of the Length knob, to make it divide and multiply the clock sync signal.

Should CLOCK be renamed SYNC?

Anyway, hopefully this works and I didn’t break everything! I’ve been coding at night and not playing with music enough. I think I’ll be a bit busy this week, so the final version should be finished this weekend.

But if anybody has any chance to check this out and just give a trial run and see if you find anything about it offensive, that would be greatly appreciated!


I’ll gonna try it asap

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