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I didn’t think I was going to write a VCV Module when I woke up, but somehow now I’m testing my first creation “For Four”.

It’s a clock divider that counts out 4 beats, has an even bar gate, a 4th bar gate, and 3 adjustable counters.

Edit: As my post got moved to announcements, I’ve uploaded the source to


This is the main use I designed “For Four” for.

Here I’ve chained the second “For Four” from Beat 1 of the first to get a longer bridge type fill. I used Beats 3 & 4 to add short accents and the fills adjust uGraphs’s map input to vary the drum pattern. The patch is in the repository if you want to try it.

I’ve also been experimenting with feeding VCO outputs to the Clk input and driving another VCO from the beat outputs. There’s lots of gurgly goodness and other freaky phonics to explore :slight_smile:

Feedback and suggestions for improvement welcomed!

this looks interesting,
I would like to try it.
But I need a compiled Win version.

I’m only setup for building for Linux, but once I’m happy with it, I’ll be submitting to the library so it’s available for all platforms.

I’m currently thinking of replacing the Even output with the output of the 2nd For Four Fill in the drum example. I think it’ll be more useful with a single instance that way. Then I’ve the documentation to do before it’ll be ready for the library.


Really Great!

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I’ve just updated the repo with the latest version. I’ve changed both the Even and Fill outputs to be configurable patterns. Each supports 256 different patterns, though not all of them will be much use. 0 is a constant high output and the higher numbered patterns output infrequently for example.

To match the original behaviour, set Pattern A to 4 and Pattern B to 12.


Edit: I’m now thinking of changing one of the counters to another pattern output. Anyone any opinions on which way is more useful for them? 2 patterns and 3 counters, or 3 patterns and 2 counters?

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Quick video of the example drum patch. I forgot to show that adjusting clock width carries through to the outputs. Also noticed I have my skews in the wrong order… ooops…

Linux, Mac and Windows development builds are now available.


thx, a great beat mangler, would it be possible to add cv modulation ports for the AB…Z pattern knobs, to change the patterns on the fly?

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CV pattern selection is something I’ve considered and rejected for this particular module. Using something like 8Face to have a few setups suited to the patch is how I saw that working.

I won’t completely rule out doing a bigger version of For Four with CV and perhaps range controls for the outputs, so I am open to feature suggestions for something like that.

I am also thinking about doing a poly version of just the pattern section - feed up to 8 poly inputs, get 8 mono patterns - cv input would make more sense on that one I think.

Edit: maybe I can do an expander, the chance to have a module called Plus Fours is too funny :slight_smile:

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Any enhancement will be appreciated,
I just like the idea of changing the patterns
and I tried it with stoermelders µmap and it makes the beat more lively imho
an expander will do

you can try my little test patch that I made to try the changing patterns

2019_12_08_Test_forFour_rsmus7_001.vcv (69.7 KB)

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User manual is now available at

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With a CV input to change the patterns / counts, would you want it as the sole decider for the pattern, or added to whatever the knob was at?

I think it should be the sole decider,
adding does work only when you arrange all patterns in a circle imho,
else what should you add to the pattern 255?
there would only be one pattern left. but when you send 10V to the CV input, what would happen then? Would you scale the input, or limit it, or …?

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Ok, that’s what I thought too.

I could wrap overshoots but my opinion was the knob is pretty much useless once CV is involved. I had a moment where I wondered if I was out of step with expectations so had to double check…

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Latest development version now has stealth CV inputs. Just start dragging a CV source and the knobs will change to inputs :slight_smile:



Thanks for the testing and feedback Stephan. I couldn’t actually try your patch as it’s a bit much for my machine (it does better with native builds). Here’s another example of how I planned to use For Four before it gained CV.

Edit: Forgot to wire up the SS2 resets :flushed:

Like, will be borrowing that, will go nicely with my invisible scribble strips :slight_smile:


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“For Four” is now available in the library, you’ll find it under “ReTunes Free”.

I look forward to everyone showing me how to use it properly. :wink:

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