Restarting Windows without closing Rack causes crash prompt

Hey! We are using VCV Rack in a stand-alone light&sound installation. We have a button for rebooting the whole installation, which works the same as a standard option from Windows Menu (Power->Restart). It seems like with this method VCV Rack doesn’t include “END” information in the log file, and after the restart it thinks that it crashed before, causing a prompt asking if we want to clean the patch (“Rack crashed during the last session…”). Because of that the sound doesn’t run after the reboot, waiting for user reaction (pressing “No”). Is there any work around for that? Like disabling the prompt? Thank you in advance.

I solved it in a “dirty” way by setting “read-only” mode on log.txt after closing the Rack with “X” (so it always keeps the “END” line at the end).