[Resolved] Rack V2 cannot start on macOS 10.12 or lower

Thanks for the response.

I had previously problems I think twice with 1.x versions that eventually Andrew got the hold of and fixed (apparently not common errors), but haven’t had a problem since.

I tried the first 2.x version that came out public and had the same problem that it didn’t start (neither create the Rack folder, I already had ereased the one from the 1x version)

Because of good practice (?) I formated my computer and installed the OS from scratch, and the first thing I did was trying to run Rack 2 and from that is the error I posted.

I’ll submit to the Support section.

Thank you for the response.

That do sounds odd but I’m go to try it, thanks! I’ll submit the error to the support page too.

could we close this thread? It’s now being used to different mac bugs, and the original one (from the title) was fixed long ago.

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Sure can, hope no one minds. If you do mind, please feel free to open a new thread for similar but not the same issues.