resolved - it does! [Does the gain control on ZZZORB work?]

It doesn’t have any effect for me.

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you have to use the correct input and output. Look at the diagram at the bottom of this page

Works nicely here :slight_smile: Like Dag said, make sure you patch the most left input if you plan to use the Vca part


To be fair I didn’t know how to make it work until I looked at the manual. It’s one of those things that’s hard to figure out by experiment, like the density knob on clouds. Maybe the default gain position should be full up?

oh, sure enough, that does it. thanks! I guess since the gain only goes down and not up it implies that you don’t really want to drive this filter into distortion?

I don’t really know but I assume it’s meant to be used as a vca rather than a distortion?