(Resolved) Ableton Live 11 Crashing With Opening VCV Rack 2 Pro VST

I have been experiencing an issue in which my installation of VCV 2 Pro’s VST is not opening in Ableton Live 11. Attempting to open the VST will result in an infinitely long loading animation of the cursor and Ableton becomes unresponsive. I am new to Ableton however have used VCV in Cakewalk without issues until I reinstalled VCV in an attempt to fix the problem.

Ableton is showing the two VST options ‘VCV Rack 2’ and ‘VCV Rack 2 FX’ however attempting to open them is what results in the crash.

I assume I must be missing some files Ableton needs to be reading however I have the .dll and .vst3 files in the VST plugin scanning folder.

Running Windows 11, all programs are up to date

(edit) I realized opening the VST in my second monitor was the issue. If anyone else has this problem who uses multiple monitors, you can fix it by opening the VST in your main monitor.

Hi there, we’d love to help, could you please email support at vcvrack.com?

+1. Crashed one time while quitting Ableton Live 11, immediately after my first installation of VCV Rack. Adding VST or AU regular or FX version of VCV takes 15 seconds minimum to load up and about ten seconds to delete from a channel. After running updates for the VCV Library (why does this have to be redownloaded?) there are modules not showing up. Instruo for example will not show up in the library or load if they are part of a saved session.

Instruo is not yet ported to arm64, as are a few others. They will likely come but nobody knows when…


Thank you…I spaced and totally wasn’t thinking about the individual libraries needing the upgrade to ARM.