replacing Vult Free with Vult commercial


after buying the commercial collection of Vult, I have a number of modules double. Removing the directory of Vult Free and unsubscribe to them is an easy solution, but after that I can’t load my old patches without a warning that those modules cannot be found, so the patch loads without that missing Vult module. After replacing it by the new one, the parameters of the removed free module are lost.

Wanted to share my solution: in an html editor (I suppose you can use any common plain text editor as well) I replaced “VultModulesFree” with “VultModules” and this worked fine. The patch loads with the commercial modules and with the parameter settings of the removed free module.

But maybe there is even a simpeler way? Your thoughts are welcome!

I’m aware that I could regret dumping the free modules when sharing patches, but for now I’m OK with that.

Cheers Jan

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Rack 2 includes hard-coded plugin/module slug fallbacks. Would @modlfo like to request VultModules -> VultModulesFree and VultModulesFree -> VultModules to be added?


The patch files that won’t load due to no VultModulesFree being present is easily fixed by a text editor and search/replace VultModulesFree with VultModules and save. Done.

That’s a great addition!

Yes please. That would be great.


Did you find a way to unpack the new patch files?

after some investigation it seems the new .vcv f’file’ seems some form of ZIP file, however, 7Zip does not recognize it, so maybe zstd compressed? However my code sleuthing isn’t good enough (not patient enough) to work exactly how one would go about uncompressing it yet…

From Rack/ at v2 · VCVRack/Rack · GitHub

Use new .vcv patch format, an archive (POSIX tar compressed with Zstandard) of a patch.json file, module patch assets, and potentially other future files.


V2 uses these two libraries for the job:

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@Vortico is there a good way to re-compress files back into vcv files? I managed to unzip using Homebrew zstd but wasn’t successful in getting it back together.

From the system::archiveDirectory/unarchiveDirectory() docs. To archive,

ZSTD_CLEVEL=1 tar -cf patch.vcv --zstd -C dir .

To unarchive,

tar -xf patch.vcv --zstd -C dir

Thanks Andrew.

Thanks Andrew, appreciated, as I ran out of patience and time digging further.