Repelzen Re-Win: Quantizer Setup (Beginner)

Noob question here: I like what Re-Win does in the patches I’ve listened to, but for the life of me can’t find an explanation for how to set up chords/notes on this thing. Can someone please educate me on what the 5 buttons in the first column and 7 buttons in the second column do? The “manual” has no information on these. Thanks!

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the 5 buttons are the black notes and the 7 are the white notes. Picture a piano keyboard on it’s side.
They control the pitches that are allowed through.


Yep, they represent black and white keys, and you can set up 1-16 scales or “scenes” and modulate the scenes input with a quantizer, for example.


AHA! That makes a lot of sense now - thanks!

One more question: how do I know which note is assigned by the first “white” button? Is that middle C with the octave knob at 12 o’clock, perhaps?

It’s whichever C is appropriate. Some quantizers work over multiple octaves.

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the bottom one will be a c, whichever c is closest to the input value (depending on the quantization mode in the right-click menu). you can use the octave knobs near the outputs to switch it higher or lower, as you wish. you can check the output with for example skrylar what note?

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Excellent! Thanks, ablaut!