Regen Modular v2.0.5 (for Rack v2) is out now!

Regen Modular v1.0.1 has been released.

This is just a small patch to fix a couple of bugs that slipped through the cracks in our initial release. Patch notes can be found here.

Thanks Matthieu.

Keyboard support is well underway. We have to polish it, make some small interface changes, test it and write a little documentation. I’m not exactly sure how long it’ll take, but it’s a sure thing at this point and I don’t want to make people wait to long because just about everybody wants it! =P

As for adding other features, we’re basically putting a list of ideas together based on where we want things to go as well as suggestions and feedback from the community. Right now Frames is a pretty simple tracker (especially compared to DAWs like Renoise) and we know there are lots of things that could be added down the road.

I think our main concern is adding features in a way that plays into the modular nature of VCV Rack. Most trackers are stand-alone programs while Frames is a module, so when we eventually add features I’m hoping that we can do it in a way that isn’t too monolithic. In other words, whether it’s slides or delays, I want to design new features in a ‘modular way’, if possible.

The same thing goes for adding new columns. Would this have benefits over simply spawning a second Frames module? What’s going to be easier to use and implement? What’s more “modular”? What’s more fun?

I don’t really know the answers just yet, but these are some of the types of things we’ll be considering. =]


Hi Emmet,

this all sounds very exciting :slight_smile: In fact, what got me excited is the idea that Frames opens the ability of controlling Rack like Sunvox and other synth-based trackers (DefleMask, Famitracker,…). It also gives Rack an Elektron flavor that I like a lot.

I guess having a second Frames running along might be the solution to an extension. However, there might be a use for a rack extension if you introduce step probability for example and the ability to add columns. Just throwing ideas out! The microstep feature (or nudge) is another idea I support. It would give so much freedom to play with sequences and adjust one instrument to the timing of another very easily.

Anyway, I am eager to play with the keyboard-controlled version of Frames


Hi Emmet,

still playing with Frames, what a nice sequencer! I thought about a possible feature the other day. what about adding a CV input to control the direction in which Frames reads the sequence? Forward, backward, pendulum, etc?





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Great idea. We’ll definitely consider something like that. Thanks for the suggestions. =]

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Hey again, everybody. It’s been pretty wild since I last posted here, and I hope everybody is safe and doing well despite the circumstances.

Regen Modular v1.0.2

Over the last few months we’ve continued to work on improving our modules, and I want to quickly update everybody in this thread on some of the changes coming in Regen Modular v1.0.2:

Our tracker module, Frames, has grown a little bit and will be coming with some much-needed and often-requested features including: an input for controlling the playback direction, two new trigger inputs for switching to the previous and next pattern, a fourth parameter channel, new context menu randomization actions, a smaller pattern selector, and (last but not least) full keyboard editing support!

Our other modules will also be getting some love, too. All of our oscillators have been equipped with mini input attenuation knobs to make them easier to modulate and play with. Finally, we’ve taken our chip-inspired Nessie Noise module beyond mere emulation with an original “hifi” mode output that opens up a different set of periodic noise sounds.

Anyway… We still have a bit more work to do, so I don’t know when exactly it’ll be ready yet and I’ll just stick with “coming soon” for now. Eoin and I just wanted to let everybody know that a free update is coming, with (among other things) proper Frames keyboard editing. :wink:

Thanks all. Take care.



frames <3

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Woohoo, this update looks great! I am eager to play with the new Frames! Congrats!

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Hey! Regen Modular v1.0.2 has been released!

On top of the description I gave a couple posts back, you might also want to check out our patch notes and updated user manual for tons and tons of details including a whole chart of keyboard controls for editing patterns with Frames!

I hope that we’ve tackled quite a few of the features and quality-of-life improvements that people wanted in our initial release, though I’m sure there’s always more to do. I also want to take this chance to thank everybody who has supported us by buying our modules, as well as all of you who were kind enough to give us your nice comments and useful feedback about what we can improve–please keep it coming! :slight_smile:

Have fun. Emmet.


Notice: Hey all. We really wanted our Rack v2 update for Regen Modular to be ready for day 1, but sadly we just weren’t able to make it line up. We’ve had the update ready for a while, but hit a snag involving a couple of minor issues in the last minute and want to make sure that those are resolved before we push our update. As such, the Regen Modular update for Rack v2 is coming as soon as next week (does that count as imminent?).

We’re sorry for the delay and want to thank everybody who has supported us by buying and using our modules!



Take all the time you need! It’ll be great to have in V2 whenever it lands :slight_smile:

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Regen Modular v2.0.5 (for Rack v2) is out now!

This isn’t a huge update or anything, but now Regen Modular works with, and conforms to the standards of, VCV Rack v2!

We’ve made sure that all of the module parameters now have appropriate text labels, emissive widgets (Frame’s pattern editor, Cyclex’s seed buttons, Const’s mini screens, etc.) will now glow in the dark, improved font caching to be compliant, etc. Quan now takes advantage of the new bypass feature, simply passing the unmodified input to the output.

Frames has a new minor feature: we’ve added an option to the right-click context menu that, when enabled, will cause the play head to return to the first frame each time the active pattern is changed. We also fixed a crash with Frames when right-click dragging on a parameter cell.

Finally, we have made a minor adjustment to the behavior of the input attenuation knobs across all of the modules that have them. The ranges have been adjusted slightly and the behavior should be much more predictable and useful. (WARNING: This change may cause subtle differences in patches that were created with previous versions! We still think it’s for the better though.)

Patch Notes here as always: Patch Notes · Wiki · Studio Regen / Regen Modular · GitLab

Anyway, as I mentioned in the post above, we really wanted this patch to be ready for day 1 of the Rack v2 release, but some [reasonable] API changes over the last few weeks on VCV’s side, as well as some bugs that we noticed while testing on our side, meant that we had to make some last minute changes in reaction to the v2 release. Ultimately it came down to poor planning on our part, and probably a lack of paying close enough attention to the v2 release schedule over the last couple of months, so I’m sorry for the delay!

As always, thanks again to everybody who has supported us so far! It’s a cool time to be into VCV Rack, and Eoin and I are really excited to see if v2 can manage to bring a lot of newcomers into the community. :slight_smile:



Thanks Emmett, look forward to trying them out, and welcome to 2.0!

For all who didn’t know … there’s ‘Fun WIth Frames’ to enhance the ‘Frames’ tracker module.

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