record manual clock for follow a recorded live session

Hi. I’m having fun learning VCV, and i have some questions.

  1. There’s a module for trigger a clock manually? I want, for example, each time i press the low C key in my midi controller (using midi map for example), trigger a change in a sequencer, that would be a clock click.

  2. I want to use this for record a series of clicks (like 5mins) for follow a live recording and make my modules work in sync with the song. (this is way better for me than quantize the song to a stable click). There’s a module for that?

  3. i wonder if this can be achieved also with an envelope follower, but i think that’s another topic.

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I think Antonio is referring to me, because, if I understand your question correctly, this is what the combination of Jooper and Janneker does. There’s a manual you can have a look at here Although, if I understand correctly, you want to create a manual sync, which is a bit different.

feel free to ask any questions, and I (and Antonio) will be happy to answer them, if I can.


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  1. just bypass the internal clock of the sequencer and record the output on a .wav file (right click on the REC module before start recording to set it up). in the following image I’m using a simple button (Little Utils Button, but you can use a mapped midi CC of course) to switch to the next step on the sequencer. I don’t think you will need this, you may need something simpler, like using only the LU Button to send a TRIG message directly to the REC module’s input, it will be recorded.

  1. you can play this .wav file with any .wav player inside VCV Rack. the output of the player can trig the modules you want to be trigged.




  1. it depends on the genre. on some kinda truzzo-core music it could work, I doubt it will on classical. btw you will need some logical modules as well to make it work.


my 2 cents: I would not quantize the song to a stable click, maybe an old Pro Tools Dinosaur User would do that, trying to lose all his hair. in 2023 on planet earth there is something called Reaper, with out-of-this-world tools. I would do this job inside a DAW, stretching the tempo envelope, having everything on a grid…you know, we never know

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