Recommended Used Video Card for VCV Rack

I’m upgrading a refurbished PC for use with VCV Rack. After I installed VCV Rack it crashed upon opening because this PC doesn’t have a dedicated video card, so I’m looking for recommendations for a cheap used video card to look out for. There are tons of them available on eBay but I would appreciate any guidance anyone can offer in narrowing my search. I know the manual says: Dedicated Nvidia/AMD graphics card from ~2013 or later.

Thank you for any suggestions.

I wouldn’t buy PC components off ebay myself but that is just personal preference. Quite literally any dedicated graphics card from the last 5 years or so will do, there isn’t really recommended or minimum specs besides having a dedicated card. AMD cards are more budget friendly but I prefer Nvidia myself.

What are you willing to spend?

Any graphics card that can play a recent game (past 2 years) on high settings @60FPS will do the job in my opinion.

Though before you go spending money check if there is any GPU firmware update for your chipset (most likely cause). In saying that, having a dedicated GPU will give much better performance, as it takes the load off CPU cycles.

There is a risk of getting a dodgy card used, especially if it’s a refurbished card. You would find a decent new GPU if on a budget.

You could try pcpartpicker also. Just input the specs of the PC and it will give you recommendations based on your motherboard and processor. It will show cheapest available also when you click into something.


Some of us have really old cards. Like the man says, anything from the last 5 years that can play video games. Doesn’t need to be super fancy or expensive.


Thanks for the suggestions. I went with an inexpensive new card.

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Out of curiosity which did you choose?

Do update the thread letting us know how it fairs!

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For free software VCV can be expensive, I bought a RX570 just to run rack :rofl:

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I went with MSI Gaming GeForce GT 710 1GB GDRR3 64-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 OpenGL 4.5 Heat Sink Low Profile Graphics Card (GT 710 1GD3H LP) for $37.

I didn’t want to spend much on this because I don’t do any kind of gaming and don’t use VCV rack enough to justify spending much. I did like the fact that it has 1 HDMI, 1 DVI and 1 VGA outputs since I’m running three monitors.

My other PC doesn’t have a dedicated video card either, but is newer and VCV Rack runs on the Intel HD Graphics 630 okay as long as I don’t use too many modules at once.


For reference I have an msi gtx760.