Recommended development environment for Rack plugins?

Hi, all; I just completed the plugin tutorial using mingw-w64 on VSCode. The plugin compiled fine using make, but Intellisense was yelling at me about things it couldn’t see, like the definition of M_PI. After about three days of research, I was able to get Intellisense to mostly play nice with C++ and the Rack SDK. But given that VSCode was not designed to be a full IDE, I thought I’d ask what other devs use to build Rack plugins. Thanks!

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I don’t worry that the intelligence can’t find foreign stuff, and I’m too lazy to tell it where it lives. Very far down on my list of problems.

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I develop on windows using msys. I just use a text editor, specifically vim.


Yeah, I do use vsc as a text editor, but do all building and git from the command line.

I do all my work (VCV and other) on Linux. I code in Linux and a mix of VSCode, NVim and the terminal. I have a Windows VM and a Macbook-pro for testing and QA of built plugins. Without going into flame wars, I believe that specifically for VCV, Linux is the native environment as every other platform is using cross-platform tools (such as msys etc…) to develop/build.


Hi @reynard and welcome to the forum!

It must have been quite frustrating to spend so much time on this but good thing you succeeded!

I am using Sublime Text, it is similar to VSCode although not as popular these days. I think a good editor that you feel productive with will be just enough for developing modules.

What I think you might need though, if you haven’t figured that yourself yet, is keeping the SDK docs open in your browser: VCV Rack API: VCV Rack API and the source code of Rack itself for the core modules and the Fundamental modules (it’s a separate repo).

One thing Sublime Text cannot do that VSCode does (I think) is having multiple currently open project folders in the same window, that way you can have the 3 references I mentioned above.

As always, I cannot recommend enough to build Rack for yourself too and play around with it hehe.

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Glad I didn’t have to be the one daring to mention linux hehe.
Big YES for Linux, of course.

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haha, no flame wars! you are right. I do most of my dev on windows, but as you say it’s in an emulated Linux environment (msys2). When I do build in linux in a vm, it does build faster

I’ve never used these, although they are quite nice. I keep the rack source code handy. Same thing, I guess.