Recent Audio-8 problems


In the last few days Rack has been hanging constantly. It appears to be related to the Audio-8 module as I can often get the system to hang by trying to delete the Audio-8 from the rack.

This is happening both on a Windows 10 system using a PreSonus Audiobox USB driver and on a MacBook using the core Apple driver, which makes me think that the problem is with the Audio-8 module and not a specific driver.

I’m a new user and not sure how best to address this problem. Several questions:

  1. Is a different audio module preferred for stability?
  2. Any idea why this has just been happening in the last few days? I can see that the version number on the module is 1.16 but don’t know where to find different releases if an earlier one is better.



Audio 8 and v1.16 are definitely what u want to be using, can u post screenshot of the setup up on a8 so we can see what’s going on?

Only one VCV Audio module is supported per patch in Rack v1. If you’re using only one, see for reporting a bug.

Hi Muwkuu-

Thanks for the reply. There really isn’t anything to show. I can take a blank rack, open Audio-8, switch to my audio driver, close Audio-8 and repeat the process. I will get a hang after two or three repititions in both my Mac using the core driver or Windows using the either my Audiobox or ASIO driver.

However, I think I can work around this. I don’t actually need to close the Audio-8 module. I was just doing that when testing and noticed this behavior.




That’s good to know. Thanks.

Yeah no - don’t be opening n closing it whilst rack is open :+1: