I forget who made the RCD clone module but have noticed its not on V2 yet. Does anyone know if its coming or if there’s something similar ?

Ohmer RKD

@marc_boule is this under your loving care right now?

Has Ohmer free not been added to the library yet? I know the commercial one is there.

@cschol - it may have slipped your mind with all the pressure around the v2 launch but please would you pull and build Ohmer for the library?

Hang on maybe it has. I’d forgotten sorry.

Definitely has. VCV Library - Ohmer Modules RKD (Rotate Klok Divider)


thanks for replies. Those are showing as Unavailable ?

Yes I see what you mean. Not sure why they are showing as unavailable… I’m sure @cschol will be able to sort it out

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Just landed! edit: Oh no it hasn’t

The problem is the plugin version has a whitespace in it, which is not supported (but slipped the review).

The version needs to be updated. An issue has been created in the developers GitHub repo.

Marc Boule is currently maintaining.


I have contacted Dominique (the Ohmer dev), to get access to the repo, since he had already ported the code and I was just coordinating the build update. If I get access I will change the version and re-submit the plugin.


Thanks for the reply.

Hi @cschol , the version was updated in the Ohmer repo.

Could you grab the head of the v2 branch please? (asking here since I can’t open the plugin’s issue).



I got it. Thanks.