Random clock deviation

Hi, is there a modul or a method to give the clock a small random deviation, so it behaves like a human drummer who is also not always on the beat ? I found only the possibility to delay the clock or to give it a swing (Impromptu clockd). Thanks for your help.

Perhaps use a slow lfo to modulate the BPM.

Hi @Schorschla, and welcome!

I haven’t done this exact thing but if you want to mess up the clock signal directly (for occasional off-beats rather than swaying BPM overall), you could experiment with running the clock through something like VCV Library - Count Modula Gate Delay with a fixed delay (so that the clock can move ahead and behind of the beat) and a small amount of random drift/filtered noise/S&H feeding the delay CV.

I think this kind of thing is more typical with actual trigger or gate signals than clock, but it might be interesting! If I experiment more I’ll post back.


there is a method referred to as “wonky clock / wonky rhythm”, which i firstly seen surface in a video from Colin Benders on YT.

Essentially it is, creating your own clock with a pulse, that is driven from a step sequencer.

Attached is an old patch of mine, maybe if you inspect it, it can give you some ideas?

Have fun.
Wonky_ClockBender.vcv (98.9 KB)


A dummy answer is to use Marbles wich has a jittery knob


KlirrFactory has a “Wonky Clock” module but it is not in the library


I use BogAudio WALK Screenshot from 2021-09-29 20-08-22


I also use BogAudio WALK for this. Quite a lot, really. Much lower rate though so the variation in tempo is a lot slower.

Here’s a patch that uses it:

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there’s also this module, not random, but great for wonky beats and melodies-

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Hi, so thank you for your interesting solutions and ideas. This is very helpful. I also saw, that the Groove-Expansion of Frozen-Wastelands Quad Algorithmic Rhythm Generator has also a random function. And OrangeLine Swing is maybe interesting. So thanks again for your kind und fast help. Very cool… :slight_smile: :+1:

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You might also check out Amalgamated Harmonics Imp and Imperfect Mk2 modules. I haven’t used them, but there descriptions look like a perfect match for what you are looking for.

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I used Range LFO to get an uneven heartbeat. It varies the BPM between 108 and 155.

I just use Caudal through an attenuverter:

Into Clocked BPM