Random Articulations Vol 1 - Made entirely on VCV

(Richlgarside) #1
(Richlgarside) #2

Hi VCV rack people. I’m not entirely sure of the correct way to share stuff on the community forum but this is the first workable track I have got out of using fully VCV modular and I like how it went so I have shared it and hope others enjoy. Thanks!

(Andrew Turner) #3

Very nice @richlgarside, like this a lot.

(Valentin Lafitau) #4

Wow This is really good, i like it a lot ! Well done man :wink:

(Fedor Tkachev) #5

good stuff, those vocal samples really add depth

(Richlgarside) #6

Thanks for all the encouraging feedback guys! I plan to keep developing this patch so plenty more to come. :slight_smile:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #7

Fantastic soundscape Richard, well done! Reminds me a bit of Rick Wright’s playing in the Wish You Were Here days.

(Richlgarside) #8

Thanks for your lovely feedback Lars. Funny you should say that I used to be obsessed with Pink Floyd when I was a kid. Then I started going to dub sound system nights and the Pink Floyd bass just didn’t cut it any more :wink: So I guess there’s still quite a bit of Pink Floyd lurking inside me and it must have been dormant for a while. Been listening to a lot of Brian Eno, Gas and Hiroshi Yoshimura while I work on video projects. I think it was Eno or Hiroshi that reminded me of some Pink Floyd stuff at one point. I’m just working on these ambient pieces at the moment as I’m really enjoying using VCV, its my first proper foray into modular. But I’m going to be starting to mix in some more instrumentation and beats and stuff to give certain tracks or sections more form.