RackHeads w/ retro-gaming skills needed to free some music

Fellow RackHeads I am in need of assistance freeing an old track I made, here is the problem; I built a videogame for a retro-remake competition some years back,. in the interest of thinking I was clever, I created two versions, a simple remake of the old somewhat obscure arcade game called Electric Yo-Yo and a more original take called Atomic Yo-Yo. Now here is the cleaver bit, I embedded the second games .exe inside the first. When you beat the three levels of the game the second one is extracted in the same folder as the original game. Sadly I have aged poorly and have not been able to beat my three level intro! I no longer have a copy of the Atomic yo-yo and it had some music I would like to hear,. it featured a poet/guitarist from Toronto named Aiden Baker playing some haunting riffs that I composed into a track using an old tracker if i recall,.

anyhow, if anyone is able to beat the first part and release the second game, I would very much appreciate a link to that file. thanks for the help people.

here is the file; https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-v12I5xqg3Ny2OhxjfQn34dM9d9-J6Jr

Note; this is a windows exe that unfortunately will switch your monitor in 800x600 while running (this was back when I was still running a CRT!)

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