Rack v2: VR Interface?

Rack v2’s headless mode would seem to be a prime step toward developing an alternate “3D head” for the software, then allowing interaction via VR (Oculus, Vive, Index). VCV already seems well prepared for such an application, given the degree to which it matches real (3D) hardware in its design language.

Besides the clear need for a beefy graphics card, perhaps the biggest hangup I can potentially see would be in allowing for “dual cursors” so that left and right hand can both interact with module parameters simultaneously.

Another would be in allowing for the possibility of alternate 3D parameter models to be loaded in this mode, so that all the knobs and sliders aren’t just 2D textures.

Programming the 3D cable physics might also be non-trivial.

Has any thought been given to this? Any official plans? I haven’t found any relevant discussion via forum search.