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(Andrew Belt) #206

Yeah, 99% sure you just forgot to rebuild plugins. (make plugins in the Rack directory builds everything in plugins/*.)


In the current V1 text labels don’t draw in the “insert plugin” window. I tried adding a label to Template, and while it shows up in VCV, it does not show up in that “preview thumnail” window.

(Andrew Belt) #208

They should. Post code/screenshots


yeah, seems to be recent. I’ll post stuff soon as I can.

(Alfonso Santimone) #210

Thanks Andrew!,
as a side note in my latest build of 1.dev.52151a7 seems that CC generated by MIDI map give a more steppish reaction (mostly noticeable on VCO freq).
I wonder if an additional smooth factor can be added on a slot basis on MIDI-Map module.

(Andrew Belt) #211

dsp/simd.hpp has been added to the Rack API which wraps SSE registers and instructions. The dsp namespace will be made generic to handle arbitrary types such as

template <typename T = float>
T hann(T p) {

(Andrew Belt) #212

Widget::draw(NVGcontext *vg) has been changed to

Widget::draw(const DrawArgs &args)

to allow additional arguments to be added to draw() without breaking ABI.

Module::step() has been changed to

Module::process(const ProcessArgs &args)

to match the process() methods in the DSP library and to allow fast access to ctx.sampleRate and ctx.sampleTime.

The old methods are still available, but they are marked DEPRECATED and may be removed in a future Rack v2+ version.

(Christoph) #213

Is the Audio module being rewritten? It disappeared from the Module Browser.

(Andrew Belt) #214

Should be fixed.

(Andrew Belt) #215

Added plugin info submenu and factory presets submenu to the module context menu.
If plugin developers wish to include easy-to-access .vcvm presets for certain modules, add them to presets/<module slug> in the plugin directory.

2019-02-17-060806_1600x900_scrot 2019-02-17-070611_1600x900_scrot


Just pulled from v1 and no plugins will build (Template, Fundamental) I get this:

$ make
make: jq: Command not found
make: jq: Command not found
../../plugin.mk:9: *** SLUG could not be found in manifest.  Stop.```

This is in windows.

(Clement Battung) #217

install jq tool in msys2

pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-jq

(Sander Stellare Modular) #218

same on mac

(Diimdeep) #219

It builds on my mac.

(Sander Stellare Modular) #220

after installing jq



(Andrew Belt) #222

I’ve written a proposal to allow modules to communicate with modules to their left and right, to add support for expander modules. https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack/issues/1204

(Skrylar) #224

I get the strange impression that I might be one of the causes for this. And/or the ongoing Stages expansion hooplah. :blush:

(Andrew Belt) #225

This feature was requested by Eurorack manufacturers, not plugin developers or users (that I recall).

(Cclark2) #226

I’m curious about the “one .cpp file per module” standard mentioned above. In the plugin tutorial, you recommend this; what advantage do you foresee?