Rack-SDK 2 and CI questions

I’m working on updating my automated GitHub builds for v2. Before I rewrite some stuff, there are some differences that I wanted to ask about:

  1. The V1 SDK unzips to “RackSDK” while the V2 SDK unzips to “Rack-SDK”.

  2. The V1 SDK contained binaries for libs on Win, Mac, and Linux. The V2 SDK now comes in three versions, affixed with “-win” “-mac” and “-lin”.

Are these changes pretty final, or should I hold off on rewriting my GitHub actions until the SDK is deemed stable?

If the decision to split the SDK.zip into three OSes is final, does anyone have recommendations on how to change this block of code in the actions file? I am not a CI expert in the slightest and have been relying on all of the helpful templates posted here!

- name: Get Rack-SDK
        run: |
          pushd $HOME
          curl -o Rack-SDK.zip https://vcvrack.com/downloads/Rack-SDK-${{ env.rack-sdk-version }}.zip
          unzip Rack-SDK.zip

EDIT: Found a solution here: DHE-Modules/build-and-test.yml at wip/v2 · dhemery/DHE-Modules · GitHub Thanks @dhemery

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I’m glad it helped.

One thing to note: A few weeks ago GitHub Actions dropped support for Ubuntu 16.04. I think I finally got my wip/v2 branch running with linux.latest (20.04). I haven’t looked into what versions of tools come with that, so right now I’m not confident that my Linux build on GitHub Actions is telling me anything useful.

I haven’t yet looked for a way to run 16.04 in GitHub Actions.